Monday, 1 July 2019

The YPJ Digital School Is Coming Soon!

Do You Guarantee Personalized Progression?

We are taking every coach from GOOD to GREAT to WORLD CLASS with the launching of the YPJ digital school this July.

Welcome to a new breed of fitness certifications. In addition to the education in our Level I certification, you’ll have the opportunity to join a community, start your own business from the convenience of your own home, make an impact on anyone’s life regardless of location, see financial success, and create the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of in our Level II Certification. Best of all, successful completion of Level I provides the opportunity to take advantage of Level II.

The first and most important course is the Level I Coaching Certification.  This Certification consists of 37 lectures and 35 quizzes on your way to obtaining your Level I certification.  We’ll help you understand the proven systems and framework that delivers and guarantees personalized progression.

Every level I Certified Coach then has the option of becoming a Level II Certified Coach and coaching on our digital platform.  The Level II Coach can create the lifestyle they have only dreamed of because we partner with you and take the training out of personal training.

Stay on the lookout for the launch and begin celebrating personalized progression.


Friday, 3 May 2019

The 5 Best Exercises You Rarely See in a Big Box Gym

The 5 Best Exercises You Rarely See in a Big Box Gym

Think back to your time in a big box gym or other “gym” environment and recall all the incredible things taking place.
Some of my best (and by best, I mean worst) memories include the young female learning how to deadlift (ouch!), the isolated arm curls, the back-breaking crunches, the single arm triceps cable extension with a glance in the mirror, the machine circuits that put you in the seated position, the numerous exercises I couldn’t identify, and the other exercises that broke every rule of spine health, progression, and proper form.
The topic for today, however, is to identify THE BEST exercises (or skills) least likely to be seen in a big box gym.
Drum roll, please…..

Crawling is the Best Exercise You Aren’t Doing

#6: Any type of CARRY:  This is such a fun list that I had to add an additional exercise.  Whether you are talking about a Farmer Carry, Suitcase Carry, or any Carry…this is an exercise you rarely see in a big box gym.
#5: KETTLEBELL SWING:  The Swing is the best exercise to drive your metabolism.  How could an exercise be so good for you yet so unknown and mysterious in our society?
#4: CRAWLING:  Crawling is the best exercise you aren’t doing.  Tapping into human evolution is a pretty good place to begin when having a desire to reduce the risk of injury, enhance reflexive core stability, or just improve your body’s ability to perform.
#3: KETTLEBELL SNATCH: The Snatch is the KING of Kettlebell skills.  Enough said!
#2: TURKISH GET UP: Seeing a TGU in a big box gym is as common as seeing a purple horned unicorn…not likely, and if you do you should probably wake up.
#1: THE LONG CYCLE:  The double Kettlebell Long Cycle is such an incredible exercise for those who have mastered Kettlebell skills such as the Swing, Snatch, Clean, and Push Press.  Get an autograph if you see someone who is proficient with this skill in a big box gym.  If they are proficient, you’ll witness someone who is strong, powerful, injury resilient, and has an ability to perform well with anything they put their mind to.

If they are proficient with the LONG CYCLE, you’ll witness someone who is strong, powerful, injury resilient, and has an ability to perform well with anything they put their mind to.

There you have it…the 5 (with a bonus #6) best exercises you are least likely to see in a big box gym.
Why do you think these exercises and skills are absent from a mainstream gym?


Sunday, 17 February 2019

The 6 Sins of Kettlebell Use

If you prepare your body properly by having a reflexively stable core, are guided by a kettlebell professional, practice spine health habits, move proficiently, and have a mindset for progression, kettlebells are one of the safest and most effective fitness tools ever created.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The 5 Client Keys

The 5 Client Keys all represent essential concepts associated with success initially and throughout Your Performance Journey.  Failure to abide by any will at the very least make the journey more challenging and at most make failure inevitable.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

8 Essential Elements For Optimal Strength & Conditioning

I believe each of you sacrifices your time in exchange for the promises associated with exercise. But, what if the time you are sacrificing is no longer worth the result you are receiving? For many in big box gyms, this must be the reality since the adherence rates are so pathetically low. This is also a reality for many in body beatdown boot camps, as they deal with pain and nagging injuries.